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Payroll software is a mind-boggling process because of countless estimations and statutory consistency requirements. You need a calm arrangement that is precise, completely prepared and exceptionally secure. AYN HRMS is India's best payroll management software without exception. It is fully capable of performing all sorts of tasks related to finance with ease and accuracy.

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Employee leave management gives you a brilliant chance to handle numerous worries in a solitary stroke. It wipes out occupied work engaged with leave organization and employees following meet-ups, sparing time and exchange costs. At the point when your organization's leave approach is implemented reliably, it improves straightforwardness and worker fulfillment. AYN HRMS leave management software mechanizes everything from leave bookkeeping, awards, to period shutting activities

  • Customize configure leave policies


  • Organize regional or location-based Holiday lists


  • Distribute company’s holiday list



Attendance management is a heck of a task, and it is only fruitful if it is done on time, and nobody wants to remain engaged on such a boring task for a long month. AYN HRMS management framework handles all viewpoints with simplicity and proficiency

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Why use a HRMS?

A HRMS can manage all employee data as well as information on benefits, such as enrollment and status changes. An HRMS enables employees to update personal data without having to involve HR for simple tasks. This frees up the time of HR professionals for more strategic functions. It makes access of compliance records simple. It also means there is a central location for documents such as employee handbooks, procedures and safety guidelines. HRMS systems can be used to implement and track employee development programs. Managers can access the information timely as it pertains to employee development, performance improvement, and wage detail (as appropriate). ” Human resource management systems are important as they really help us set forth and deploy strategy in our business.

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