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A basis for any company is to assure they have an authentic attendance management system. That is crucial to eliminate any human error, Lack of a Policy, Application of the Policy, Poor Tracking, Poor Administration, etc.

Therefore we need an advance absence policy by enhancing accuracy, reduce admin trouble for managers with workflow and let team members access to view and control attendance through the self- service portal.

And AYN HR solutions help you to successfully maintain and run the organization with the Attendance Management System.

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There are several challenges when it comes to managing leaves such as employees were uninformed, leave balances and updates in company leave policy, Increased payroll errors due to undocumented leave transactions and many more.

AYN HR leave management software helps in employee leave management, it provides you the possibility to undertake multiple concerns. It reduces busy work required in leave administration and employee follow-ups, saving time and transaction costs.


Some of the most common payroll issues include processing inaccurate information, processing payments late, misclassifying employees and others, therefore a company must have an advance payroll system.

And AYN HR solutions successfully eliminate all such management issues by helping you to compute accurate salaries automatically, configure complex salary structures, automate reimbursements, loans, and advances, process payroll with automated payroll inputs and generate and distribute customized payslips.

With the leave management system and attendance management system process becomes easier for payroll experts to guarantee 100% accuracy, time savings, and satisfied employees.


Asset management is an important task for an HR department and organization. Proper record is necessary and the most common problem with asset management is lack of insight, theft, loss, damage, etc,

With AYN HR solution you will be easily able to observe your company’s asset-related information, particularly upon an employee’s resignation, promotion or transfer. At all times, recognize which company assets are in use by the which employee.


Recruitment management

The problem with recruitment in any organization is that sometimes the company was unable to attract the right candidates or not able to engage qualified candidates, etc.

We provide you a thorough online enrolling and ability the board arrangement that streamlines and quickens the whole enlisting procedure from distinguishing current opportunities.

Making work postings, following applications, booking interviews, choosing contenders to oversee joining the procedure of new representatives.


Keeping up command over the organization's activities and execution, and all the while to lead, stimulate and coordinate the individuals working in the organization is a tough job and requires a lot of manpower.

But with AYN HR Solutions you can easily manage the planning, organizing, driving and controlling of the organization and utilize all assets to accomplish expressed organization objectives.

Also, it enables you to manage more than one company or branch through one system seamlessly.



Any company does not want to miss any opportunity because of the wrong communication, and that brings out the need for quickly sending out a memo or a bulk email to selected or all employees.

AYN HR Solutions make you publish or send a mass email to the targeted employee(s). Also, maintain a complete communication history.

You can configure and use notification templates (email, SMS, etc.) to send notifications by email, social feeds, SMS and mobile push notifications.